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Fortitude Program

Fortitude Program

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"Patience & Fortitude conquer all things."

Looking for mental skills to increase and develop your mental strength, resilience and self-confidence? To find strength, peace and unity within yourself? Then the Fortitude Program is for you!

The Fortitude Program consists of different levels where you develop your mental strength, resilience and Fortitude with the help of mental skills. Not only skills to continue to perform under increasing pressure, but also skills that allow you to get to know yourself (again) and skills that you can use preventively for your mental health.

Ready to develop your Fortitude? Let's go!

Level 1: The Fundamentals

The essential foundation of Fortitude

What is Fortitude? How does mental training work? Learn the basic principles about attitude and mindset, the brain and the process using a total of 21 videos via a closed account. In addition, receive the daily 'Optimism Journal'.

Content Level 1:

- #1: Fortitude

- #2: Mental Training

- Mental Training

- Attitude VS Mindset

- The Brain

- The Process

- Physical Challenge

- Closing

Level 2: The 7 Skills

Perfect for athletes and (aspiring) military personnel.

Psychology meets Defense. In a total of 123 videos you learn, train and develop 7 different mental skills from sports and performance psychology and personal work experience from Defense. A comprehensive level to develop reactive and preventive skills for your response to life.

Content Level 2:

- Skill #1: Setting Goals

- Skill #2: Visualization

- Skill #3: Emotional Control

- Skill #4: Thought Management

- Skill #5: Stress Regulation

- Skill #6: Achievement Profiling

- Skill #7: Situational Awareness

This program focuses specifically on mental skills: theory, but also application. In addition to theory, you can also get started with various challenges and put your skills to the test to gain experience.

By completing Level 2 you have learned various tools to persevere during challenging moments, to show willpower and your self-confidence will have increased. Train and prepare yourself mentally optimally as an athlete, uniform professional, but especially as a person.

Level 3: The Freedive

      Only for the brave! For those who want to get to know themselves and dare to dive into the great depths.

      Do you really want to go a step further in your mental development, dive into the depths and learn to put together your own mindset? In Level 3 of the Fortitude Program you reset & re-program your mindset; in addition to insight into your current mindset, you learn to put together your desired mindset. This allows you to make optimal use of your Fortitude and to take maximum advantage of it!

      Content Level 3:

      (1) The Freedive to yourself: introduction + 0-measurement

      (2) Self-Knowledge & The Neurological Levels According to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

      (3) NLP skills

      (4) Modeling

      (5) Challenge #1: Say Goodbye to Current Situation

      (6) Challenge #2: Desired Situation

      (7) Final Word: Be your own coach


          🤝 Personal, equal, mature: This is how The Fortitude Company works and we expect the same from you. There are no shortcuts to achieving your goals, but with a thoughtful program, compassionate coaching, dedication and responsibility, you will make tremendous progress.

            📖 The Fortitude Journal

            In addition to a number of videos, you will also receive your personal Fortitude Journal: a workbook for awareness, self-reflection and training. So that you can continue to grow as a Fortitude athlete after the course.

            Start and duration

            🧑 💻 Self-employed: Would you rather develop Fortitude in your own time? At the moment you can complete Level 1: The Fundamentals and Level 2: The 7 Skills independently and relaxed at your own pace. You will be contacted via email after the order and you will receive access to the Fortitude Community.

            ğŸŽ¥ Webinars: webinars take place on set dates via Zoom. You will receive an email invitation for the webinar. Data is communicated via social media account: https://www.instagram.com/fortitude.company/

            🏆 1-on-1 Coaching: Prefer personal and / or extra guidance? Which can! An online or offline session is scheduled in consultation.

            - 1-On-1 Coaching - 1x session, rate for 1 hour of personal coaching.

            - 1-On-1 Re-Cap: After completing a Fortitude trajectory and you want to schedule a re-cap session.

            Want to follow the entire Fortitude Program 1-on-1? An average coaching program consists of 10 sessions, during which your personal situation is examined in addition to the various topics from Fortitude.*

            *NB! The Fortitude Company works with a maximum of 5 offline and 5 online trajectories . As a result, The Fortitude Company remains true to the quality it wants to offer. Contact mats@fortitude.company for availability.


              Mats has worked for many years as an Operator in the Dutch Special Forces . He also has a background in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and coaching. Mats knows what is required in practice and what is needed to continue to perform successfully under increasing stress and pressure.


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