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What is Fortitude?

Fortitude is key. It's what keeps you afloat under heavy pressure and keeps you going where others stop. It is the power behind discipline, willpower and courage. It's a shift in mindset; a willingness to think differently, take responsibility for your actions, and make independent choices. It is the ability to say "no" when everyone wants to hear "yes". What is the Fortitude and what can you do with it?

A strong mind and a strong body

Fortitude comes from the Latin Fortis, which means 'strength'. Forti-tude is an attitude aimed at physical and mental performance. Mentally resilient, adaptive and resilient. Physically functional, strong and great endurance.

Fortitude definition

But even with physical or mental limitations you can still show a lot of Fortitude. Just look at the Paralympic Games; athletes who have the power to accept their "disability", use it and inspire millions more people with it. Or think of Stephen Hawking, who was physically very limited but nevertheless achieved exceptional scientific achievements due to his mental strength.

A strong mind and a strong body are among your most important tools. It is what is always there, no matter the circumstances. Give them attention so that you can rely on yourself, even when the going gets tough.

Fortitude at Sven Schutte

Photo: Mens Health / Photographer: Martijn Senders


Fortitude also includes autonomy. This means making independent choices and bearing responsibility for them. Especially in this day and age that seems to be increasingly difficult; expectations of a society and thereby the complexity and intensity of our society. There is an abundance of external stimuli and many people allow themselves to be 'suffered' by their environment. At Fortitude you 'lead' and you return to the core. You listen to yourself and dare to leave the herd to follow your own path. It allows you to say 'no' when everyone wants to hear 'yes'.

Fortitude at the KNRM

Patience and Fortitude

Fortitude has no end. It is not a certificate that you hang on the wall and then look at. Fortitude is an attitude that you choose every day. And to keep it you have to keep working for it. Keep developing yourself, keep looking for challenges and listen carefully to yourself.

Training a strong mind and a strong body takes time. If you want to climb a mountain, you can't get to the top in one step. It takes patience, discipline and willpower.

Fortitude at the CrossFit Games

“Patience & Fortitude conquer all things”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fortitude for everyone

We are convinced that Fortitude is the answer to becoming physically and mentally autonomous and resilient. With years of experience at the Dutch Special Forces in combination with the background in various mental domains including psychology, we offer a complete program for uniformed professionals, athletes, but especially anyone who wants to develop their Fortitude.

Are you ready to leave the herd and create your own path? Let's go. Let's go with Fortitude!

Fortitude in Elementary Commando Training

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