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The Power of Goal Setting

Apply your Goal-Setting daily; you get out of bed, go to work, do the shopping and finally get back into bed. Despite the fact that there is a lot of subconscious application of and knowledge regarding Goal-Setting, it is unfortunately not or hardly used consciously. A waste of your time)! Goal-Setting is a powerful skill, which you can benefit greatly from. Not only on a daily basis, but also especially during stress and setbacks. What do you know about Goal-Setting?

Laser Focus

Creating a goal follows specific steps that not only sharpens your focus and increases your productivity, but also strengthens your mental strength. A well-formulated goal provides direction, a powerful mindset and the right motivation. It enables you to deal with stress and setbacks in a focused way and ensures that laser focus.

Laser Focus

Source: Instagram @korpscommandoroepen

3 Kinds Of Goal Setting

From sports and performance psychology, 3 types of goals are distinguished: outcome goal, performance goal and a process goal.

  • Outcome goal

An outcome goal is the motivator when you are really in danger of losing your way. On the other hand, it is less easy to measure. For example, I myself had the outcome goal more than 10 years ago to become 'Special Operations Command'. An outcome goal ensures that you focus again on what you are doing it all for, especially in stress and setbacks when, for example, I was completely through it during the course.

  • Performance goal

When you have an outcome goal, you can link performance goals to it. How do I become Special Operations Commando? These are performance goals; measurable in time, space and resources. For example, I had to apply to the Ministry of Defense for the position with the Special Forces of the Royal Netherlands Army (KL), carry out the Knowledge Days (KD-KCT) of the Korps Commandotroepen (KCT), pass the Elementary Commando Training (ECO) to get my Green Beret and finally successfully complete the Advanced Commando Training (VCO).

  • Process goal

You often apply a process goal during a performance. How do you talk to yourself? What processes are required to achieve the performance? During a Map and Compass Exercise (KAKO), a performance goal during commando training to achieve the KAKO in a certain time was linked to a number of points. Especially in extremely difficult moments, process goals helped me to walk to 'that next tree', repeat this and keep going, on the way to your achievement.

Photo: Introductory Days Corps Commando Troops (KD-KCT) / Source: Instagram @korpscommandoroepen

Goal Setting & Fortitude

Goal-Setting is Skill #1 in our Mental Strength Program. In combination with Fortitude you will consciously learn to use Goal-Setting and more importantly... To deploy. Not only during stress and setbacks, but also applicable for your daily life . Especially for your work as a Tactical Athlete , it is important to deliver that performance when it really matters.

Mental Strength Program

Do you also want to experience the power of Goal-Setting and regain your focus? In our Mental Strength Program, Goal-Setting Skill is #1 in our track of the total of 6 mental skills covered in the program. More information about our Mental Strength Program can be found here . 👈

Train your Goal-Setting, boost your Fortitude. Let's go!

Photo: Special Operations Command / Photographer: Hille James Combat Photographer
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